Hosting jekyll site on vercel (

It’s very easy to host ready jekyll site on vercel.

Vercel was previously called or zeit…

In fact all what I’ve done is run now in cmd. If You don’t have now vercel already installed on Your machine You need to do it first.

1. Open command line cmd and type now

If it doesn’t work, you probably need to install now.

1b. Install now

type npm i now@latest -g and it should help. Then return to point 1.

1c. Setup vercel account

You probably need to setup vercel account so follow their guide.

2. Run now

In command line in your jekyll project folder now.

I have accepted all default settings and chosen project name as janheski.

After that I had to wait for few minutes but eventually my site was build, deployed and ready automatically on :D

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